Environmental Test Chambers are invaluable to the R&D processes of many industries from electronics manufacturers to food producers. Environmental Test Chambers test products for durability and reliability under extreme conditions. To learn more about these devices, check out this informative video from Thermotron.

But for now, let’s look at some of the basics of these important testing appliances.

What Are Environmental Test Chambers?

Environmental test chambers give you the ability to test the lifetime of your product under certain environmental stressors. You can exaggerate a given environmental stressor type and extrapolate the effect of temperature and other conditions over time.

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This makes it possible, for example, to determine in a short time how well a product or component will hold up over a long period. Rather than wait for the results of real-world use data or long-term testing to come in, you can develop projected product lifetimes much faster.

Types of environmental test chambers include temperature test chambers, humidity test chambers, thermal shock test chambers, and combination test chambers.

With this information, you can give more accurate specifications data and expected lifetimes for your own research and development, as well as for the benefit of your customers.


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