Most people don’t realize it, but tower network services are the backbone of every phone call that you make on your mobile phone. A cell phone is basically a paperweight without the tower network services that power communication. Have you ever wondered how your call makes the connection after you hit send? This video gives you a tour of a very well-hidden cell tower to show you how it all works.

Video Source

This video takes you on a tour of a cell tower that is hidden within a church steeple. It is fascinating to see how the cell site is completely hidden in this lovely New England town. The cell company completely replaced the steeple of the church with a fiberglass steeple to ensure proper transmission.

Take a look at the conduits that run through the church’s attic, and then visit the concrete shelter that houses all the ground equipment that is necessary to ensure continued connectivity. The next stop was Mt. Washington in NH to take a look at a more utilitarian cell center way up the mountain.

If you want to learn more about cell towers, how they operate, and how they are in places you never would guess, this video is a must-watch.

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