There are many things a homeowner can do to increase the value of their home. If you are preparing to get it ready to sell, or if you just want to give your home a boost, these are the best renovations for home value.

Roof Replacement

A new roof can mean a lot to a homeowner. It has an enormous impact on the value and appearance of your home. Here are ten good reasons why roof replacement is one of the best renovations for home value and why you should contact a residential roofing contractor if you want to make a valuable renovation for your home.


A new roof enables your HVAC system to work more effectively, costing you less money on your energy bills each month.

Curb appeal

Real estate agents estimate that the roof can be as much as 40% of a home’s curb appeal.

Energy efficiency

Old roofs can cause air to leak, making your HVAC system work harder to achieve the desired indoor temperature.


A new roof will prevent health hazards such as mold and mildew.

New look

A new roof can have a skylight installed to bring more light into the attic of the home.

New technology

Because roofs last a long time, a new roof’s technology is several years ahead of a roof installed 40 years ago. A longlasting, modern roof is one of the best renovations for home value because of that.

Property value

The primary benefit of a new roof is that it makes your home easier to sell.

Return on investment (ROI)

A new roof is one of the best improvements a homeowner can make, averaging an ROI of approximately 70%.


The longer you wait to replace your old roof, the more dangerous it can become. It could collapse or make part of the home unstable.

Stress reduction

Why put yourself through the stress of worrying about the condition of your roof. Instead of being concerned about whether or not it can withstand the elements, roofing contractors can give you peace of mind knowing that your roof is solid, keeping your property warm and dry.

New Garage Door

The garage door is an important security feature of your home and significantly impacts the value, making it one of the best renovations for home value. If your garage door is older, it may be bringing down the value of your property. It could also be an eyesore. Most homeowners will replace a garage door at least once in their lifetime. Here are five reasons why you may want to consider replacing yours.


A damaged door can still function most of the time. Dents are an eyesore, but your door may open and close without a problem. But if your door is badly damaged, consider contacting a residential garage door services company for a replacement. An old door reflects poorly on your property and could be a safety issue.

Normal wear and tear

Most homeowners use their garage door three or four times daily. That adds up to over 1,000 times annually. That is astounding, considering it weighs hundreds of pounds. It is a complex mechanical device, and with time parts will fail. It may be a wise idea to install a new garage door.

Home enhancement

There is nothing wrong with installing a new garage door just because it looks nice. It is a solid investment and one that can give your property a whole new look. An old door leaves your home looking outdated and seriously affects curb appeal.

Time for an update

If you are tired of your old door, it is time to make a change. If you have made upgrades to other parts of your exterior, a new style garage door could give your home the lift it needs, and that’s why it’s one of the best renovations for home value.

Improved security

An older garage door presents real security issues. Thieves spot them and see an opportunity. Cracked or missing panels or broken windows are invitations for a thief. Most people have many valuables stored in their garages. A new garage door can provide the security you need.

The most secure door you can buy is a steel garage door. It provides optimum security to enable you to leave home, go on vacation, etc., knowing your garage is secure. See a garage door replacement company specializing in steel garage doors to investigate the possibility of enhancing your property. The investment is worth it.


Residential siding in time will become a victim to the very threats it is meant to repel. Hot sun, bitter cold temperatures, strong winds, and precipitation eventually take their toll on your siding. Here are some signs you need to consider siding replacement when you’re looking for the best renovations for home value.

Visible rot

If the siding on your home has begun to crumble or rot, it cannot perform its role. If rot is in one area, you may be able to repair it. But if the rot has spread across the exterior, you will need to start again using a rot-resistant material. It has a vinyl composition that does not decay naturally with prolonged exposure to the elements.

Cracks and gaps

Holes, cracks, and gaps are an eyesore. These imperfections are not just jeopardizing the look of your home. They are actually compromising the structural integrity of your home. Gaps in the exterior cladding admit moisture, the natural enemy of wood. Wherever water can enter, so too can insects and other unwanted life.

Too much maintenance

If you no longer have the energy or time to maintain your siding, it is a matter of time before the shift in priorities takes a toll on your home. Before you are faced with that, consider an upgrade to low-maintenance vinyl siding. Unlike other siding choices, vinyl does not need to be refinished regularly. Plus, it can be cleaned with a hose. The look of your home can be dramatically transformed by new siding. It comes in many colors and textures, something for everyone.

High energy bills

If you do not see any obvious signs of damage to the exterior of your home, check the subtle signs of damage. There is an insulation issue if there is a draft near walls and windows or around electrical receptacles or switches. Added insulation and new siding would make a big difference in your energy bills and eliminate drafts. Saving money in the long term is a reason why this is one of the best renovations for home value.

Hidden dangers

Inspect your siding closely from different angles. Pay attention, especially if you find siding that does not lie flat. Warped or bulging siding are signs of hidden problems. Seek the help of a siding professional, as there may be serious damage beneath the siding.

Mold and mildew

When you discover moisture buildup inside your home, you need to investigate. Rot, mold, or mildew are likely to be the result. Damaged siding could be the cause, which means it is time for a siding update.

Higher resale value

If you are planning to move, consider replacing your siding to boost the value of your home. Of all the remodeling investments you can make on your home, vinyl siding installation is one of the best. Most homeowners recoup more than half of the project cost upon resale. Even if you are not selling, the replacement of the siding will offer many benefits for the homeowner as well.

Repair Your Foundation

Do not take the foundation of your home for granted. The problems with a foundation can have a rippling effect, causing problems with other parts of your home, creating major structural issues. Getting any issues repaired can make your home last longer and be strong, which is why this is one of the best renovations for home value.

Here are five reasons to repair the foundation of your home at the first sign of a problem.

Cracks in walls or foundation

These cracks allow water to seep into your home every time there is rainfall. It is apparent there is a problem in your basement and foundation, where the water is appearing. The problem only gets worse as time goes on, so it is imperative to have it repaired before the damage becomes too severe. Water damage can ruin the supports in the foundation, destroy furniture in lower areas of the home, damage carpeting and flooring, and cause mold to form, which causes health issues.

Foundation damage affects a home’s value

Most times, buyers will not consider purchasing a home with foundation issues. They are costly to repair and are damaging. In addition, it can be challenging to obtain a loan for a home with foundation damage, and they may require proof of repair before approving the loan. With FHA loans, a home with these issues could be categorized as a “fixer-upper,” requiring the purchaser to get a different type of loan which lowers the value.

Don’t delay

The longer you wait to repair the foundation, the more severe the damage can become. In the beginning, you will see small cracks or a slight sloping of the floors. If these problems are not repaired, with time, they will displace or unsettle your foundation.

The more your foundation shifts, the larger the cracks become, the weaker the structure becomes, and the more it will cost to repair. Contact a residential foundation repair service if you see any evidence of foundation problems.

Soil conditions

There are many homes in different parts of the country that experience shifting due to high concentrations of expansive soil. This type of soil is typical in this country and tends to move when it absorbs water, dries, and if the water is either hot or cold. As the soil beneath your home contracts and expands, it shifts the foundation, and the structural integrity of your home is affected.

Lower energy costs

Repairing shifting cracks and windows can affect energy costs in the home. A large percentage of heat is lost through your home’s walls, ceilings, floors, and uneven surfaces. Make sure you contact a foundation repair company if you feel your home has foundation problems.

Air Conditioning

In most areas of the country, air conditioning is a must. Most people in the market for purchasing a home will not buy without it, making it one of the best renovations for home value. Here are some reasons why residential air conditioning is necessary.

Can be a lifesaver

The Environmental Protection Agency studied heat-related deaths and found that more than 9,000 people died from heat-related causes between 1979 and 2013. There are many more deaths that have heat as a contributing factor. These facts do not begin to capture the seriousness of the problem entirely. Keeping cool with an efficient air conditioning system is the best way to eliminate heat-related illnesses and death.

Improve air quality

Air conditioners not only cool the air but also remove pollutants and mold from the air. This is particularly important for asthma suffers because it minimizes the irritants that trigger an asthma attack. Of course, the filters need to be changed regularly to keep the air filtered adequately.

Less parasite and insects

A/C filters help keep out insects and are far more effective than a window screen. Insects can be dangerous to people with allergies. A sound air conditioning system will help keep your dogs and cats free from fleas and ticks.

Improves efficiency

On days that are too hot, we have all experienced mental sluggishness. This is because the energy the body needs to cool itself off takes away our ability to reason and think. Air-conditioned offices help people to work and think better.

Better sleep

The core body temperature is a critical factor in getting a good night’s sleep. A room that is too hot or too cold interferes with the natural regulation of body temperature, which functions best in an environment of between 65 and 75 degrees. If your air conditioner is not running efficiently, call an ac repair company to ensure you get a good night’s sleep.

Plumbing upgrade

Unless you have a home that is a few years old, your plumbing is likely outdated. With time, pipes suffer from the elements that result in rust, corrosion, and disrepair. You do not have to be concerned about a leak or the possibility of raw sewage flowing under your home. Before a disaster strikes, upgrade your residential plumbing.

Water discoloration

Unless you currently have well water, are under a boil order, or live in a rural community, discolored water is a cause for concern. The colored water is caused by corrosion of the pipes, leaving rust in the water. If left untreated, mineral deposits can clog pipes which build pressure. With time, the pipes will burst, causing catastrophic damage. Make sure you contact a residential plumbing maintenance company to address this issue before it gets worse.

Pipe material

Most modern plumbing systems use copper, brass, or PVC pipes. Depending on the year your home was built, you may have something else. Regardless of the material, each plumbing product has a life span. Brass, galvanized steel, cast iron pipes have a life span of 80 to 100 years. Copper pipes will last 70 to 80 years. PVC pipes last for 24 to 45 years.

If you have lead pipes, they are totally different. Lead is highly toxic and can cause illness or even death in a young child or adult. Test your water to determine if the lead level in your water is above the federally suggested level.

Water pressure

If you notice low water pressure during a shower or when using the sink, it can be difficult to pinpoint the problem. It may be a clog, or the pipes could have pinholes or leaks that reduce water pressure. Try an ordinary drain cleaner to see if this alleviates the problem. If not, it may require the attention of a professional.

Exposed pipes

If your home is older than sixty years old, it may have exposed pipes. The pipes will run through the basement so that you can check the condition of the pipes throughout the home. Check for discoloration, dimpling, flaking, bumpiness, or anything looking out of the ordinary. Check for moisture accumulation which may indicate you need to seal the pipes. If significant leakage is apparent, consider an upgrade.


If you are thinking of selling your home or just want to improve it for the benefit of yourself and your family, these ideas for the best renovations for home value are sure to pay for themselves over time.

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