Are you looking for a custom engagement ring and are wondering what the process is like? Look no further, this video breakdowns how custom jewelry is made.

The very first phase of the custom engagement ring process is meeting with the client (or clients) to discuss the overall style they’re after. Whether you’re planning to create completely custom ring or prefer to make slight alterations to an established design, this first step is hugely important.

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Deciding on a metal type and the size of the center stone should happen early on, because these decisions influence the ring’s structure. Then, most jewelry designers will use advanced computer imaging and design technology to create a custom rendering of the ring for you to see before creation takes place. The design is rendered into a wax mold and cast into metal, which captures all the angles and measurements that were laid out on the computer. Next, they will set the center stone and pick any accent diamonds. And at last, your custom engagement ring will be polished, ensuring that the metal has a smooth and even finish. A quality control inspection will take place to make sure everything is perfect.

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