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The herpkeeper pro was ideal for me personally. It could have been if they might have only improved the net access a little. The Net Module was an absolute nightmare. I would have liked to be able to access the controllers out of my i-phone and also a simple method should have been difficult or expensive in the current computer software accessibility. I personally loved it. It did everything you had it to do and was expandable at a very reasonable price. It had been really so user friendly too. Even the controller was simple to browse.

So what now? APEX for a beginning reefer is so difficult to justify with the huge cost. It’s a really robust system, industry leader and high quality system with excellent support. I get that this hobby is extremely pricey but I think that the whole APEX eco system is geared towards the high discretionary spending reefer into the exact advanced aquarist. I know they still have the classic and the junior model that can save yourself a little cash. However, I believe the whole APEX eco system can be a little intimidating for new reefers and budget oriented aquarists.

There are some other controls however they seem to get positioned in the middle of this herpkeeper pro and APEX cost or not a comprehensive controller choice. Tunze seems to be the ideal replacement option but it does not come with power sockets and looks more geared towards conducting their own equipment rather than a barebones frequent control to run some mfg device. Seneye is awesome but it is not a controller, but more of a monitor.

I was hoping to start a debate on what herpkeeper pro owners are thinking about doing and if anybody has some knowledge of an upgraded coming to promote to your herpkeeper pro?

I’ve been stewing about this for weeks since I discovered this Digital Aquatics aka ReekKeeper has closed doors. Despite the fact that it had been not any real shock because there was no service or upgrades for a lengthy time, the official word of these death still has a substantial effect. First, though there clearly was nonexistent customer service or updates, there was always expect of some one buying out the business or the parent company taking an interest in it . So while this was happening lots of individuals were still buying and buying herpkeeper pro. So today that the entire issue is dead, and BRS like lots of other retailers have blown out the rest stock, and we are stuck with something which will eventually become harder and harder to locate parts for.

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