How Much Do You Know About Plugs And Connectors?

There happens to be great confusion between similar-looking plugs and connectors. And this can be a great challenge, especially when working on a project that requires the use of custom extension cords, NEMA plugs, wire locking plugs and NEMA power cords. The NEMA L5 30 and NEMA L6 30 plugs tend to appear the same. And for that reason, they can easily be confused. However, they have individual characteristics that make them different. For instance, the NEMA L5 30 is rated for up to 30 A and 125V. Usually, it is used for small RVs, food trucks and generators. The L5 30 is endorsed with three wires: ground, hot, and neutral. These are definitely, the features that make up the configurations of the NEMA L5 30. If you intend to purchase them, you will be on the lookout for the highlighted features and characteristics.

On the other side, the NEMA L6 30 also has three wires that can be used t (more…)