The Artist's Masterpiece

The animation The Artist’s Masterpiece is a fusion of different animation styles used over the course of animation history. The animation has an original character and storyline. It begins with a 1920’s style black and white cartoon, transitions into a 1950’s color style, and ends with modern 3D animation. Traditional hand-drawn animation and current software is used to accomplish this task. The artwork is a narrative and uses gags from its corresponding time period to reinforce each style.

The animation starts off with the artist’s hand drawing a 1920’s style cartoon character on paper. The character comes to life and starts making art. The character paints a landscape, and the artist gives him the supplies that the character needs to reach each new phase of animation, such as colored paint in the black and white era, and 3D clay in the 2D color era. The characters artwork of landscapes act as a transition to enter each new phase and the character changes along with his environment. At the end of the animation, the character is in 3D and is seen working in his studio when suddenly, a bright light shines from behind him. He notices the artist’s hand pointing to a portal which leads to the real world. He leaves everything he was working on and runs into the portal, ending the animation.

This animation has many different meanings to it. It was made to show the progression of animation from it’s birth until today, show the progression of a character that I have designed myself from childhood, and it shows my progression as an artist over the years and eventually graduating and going into the real world. The main message of the animation is hidden deeper and has a spiritual connotation. The artist represents Yahweh (God), and how He is always giving us the supplies that we, as the creation, need in order to go farther in our relationship with Him. If we have that relationship and allow Him to take us to the next level, we will eventually be with Him.

My biggest influence is my relationship with Jesus Christ. My life revolves around Him and trying to live a life that is pleasing to Him. This is why there is a consistent spiritual meaning to the artwork that I produce.

Other influences come from early animation artists such as Walt Disney and Chuck Jones. They both were very influential people in animation history and changed the world with their abilities and imaginations. Walt Disney is the first man to make a fully animated motion picture, and Chuck Jones was the animation artist for Looney Tunes.

It is my intention that this will communicate progression to the viewer. Everyone is going to make up their own interpretation of the work, but I want the viewers response to be about a process that we go through. I feel that this artwork is very relevant to today with the incorporation of 3D animation. It honors and references the history of animation, giving the work a strong foundation.



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