Harley Dilly's mother Heather nearly falls, 2-minute video gets backlash on Facebook: “She’s lying.”

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Heather Dilly’s videos:

Missing Harley Dilly:

Harley Dilly’s mother speaks out as volunteers search the Port Clinton area for her 14-year-old son, who has been missing since Dec. 20.

🙏🏻 for this mother’s boy comes home safe and soon. 😢
‪Something is not right
‪Something not adding up
She’s lying
He’s probably already dead…. sadly
Say what you want about her, but take that energy and put it towards him.
She’s the first to know because she know where he at
Why isn’t she out looking?
I feel something’s wrong
‪Hmmmm, seems like forced tears🤦🏽‍♂️
O wow 😞
‪Prayers for this young man- wherever he is!
‪Something is fishy
Why wait this long to make a statement?
‪I hope he come home safe or dead 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
‪She’s a horrible actress
‪Quit bashing the family didn’t anybody hear cheif hickman.now stop lets worry about getting harley safe and sound
No one is in her shoes… don’t judge… and pray you never will be! Mental and emotional exhaustion has to be unreal compounded by worry and fear
She talked for like not even a minute
‪They done did something to that child
If my child was missing I would be hysterical
‪Suspicious actor
‪is it just me….or does this seem….off?
‪I pray they find him safe💞I don’t know about going home
‪Hmmmm from Southington. Prayers that Harley is ok
‪Something is fishy about this God Bless that young man
‪Lord touch this family
‪Something does not sound right
‪Now’s your chance to admit you did something to him
‪Praying for his safe return! Lots of people out looking today and praying for Harley!
‪I wish he’d at least call them.
‪I don’t know something just doesn’t seem right the dad says nothing and she the mother does not seem very worried or looks like forced tears if there wasn’t even any tears I don’t know something just doesn’t seem right with these parents prayers for Harley hopefully he’s found safe and Alive soon
‪He must have been treated badly . There should be court ordered counseling
‪Let alone she wasn’t even crying hardly. What the heck. Hmmm 🤔
‪And the Emmy 🏆 goes too…..?
It’s always the parents……
Sorry if that was my son, I don’t think I would be that calm. I would be out looking for him and hysterical. To calm
‪I have a BAD feeling about this mother.
‪The focus should be on the missing child not the mother’s reactions
‪There is a story behind why he left- I just hope that his parents aren’t behind this.
‪Dad had nothing to say
This is taking way too long . I hope they find him soon
‪No tears ……
‪Praying for Harley. But mom reminds me of Susan Smith
Why are many suspicious of the mom
‪Prayers he is found safe. Hoping his parents are not involved
Something is fishy about this. She really doesn’t seem all that distraught about her child missing.
‪She’s trying to force the tears…..and there are none
” this has been more than we have ever imagined”
‪I would have used could have ever imagined if I was even able to get the words out. I understand trying to hold yourself together to talk but tears are natural for most.I hope Harley’s is found and safe 🙏
‪She is way to calm if that was my child I would be hysterical and out searching.. I think this will have a sad ending 😔
I pray they find him soon. The longer he is gone the worse it looks. But here’s my question…with all the kids that are missing, why is Harley so important and why does the money for info keep going up???
‪Nope. Fishy as fuuuuuck
‪Hope and pray that this is a true disappearance and that in the end this doesn’t turn bad for this young man
‪Maybe she doesn’t have tears because she is Numb.
This is sad I’m sayin this and I dont want to seem cruel..but something doesnt feel n look right..with the mom
She sounds fake no tears
Something is seriously off here. No tears, looking away while talking, where is the dad? I hope he is doing safe and I am wrong but something is really just off.
oday. I sure hope he could see that wherever he is. Continued prayers for all.
‪Is that the Grandfather?.If so where is Dad?
Something fishy going on here. She is acting phony and funny.
That looked like forced emotion. Something with that plea didn’t seem right.
‪All of these Suspicious Minds without any evidence!
They don’t even act that scared or worried tho
‪Something seems suspicious about this mom🤔
‪She knows what happened to him
I can’t even stand to hear her talk. I don’t believe a word from her mouth
‪She couldn’t even look into the camera🤔🤔
‪Yes none of us are in her shoes..But I’m irritated with the fact that she waited 40 hrs to call police in the first place. And never called the school back when they called her to tell her he wasn’t at school.

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