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Arkansas National Guard

00:00:26 1 Dual missions, state and federal
00:01:07 1.1 Federal mission
00:02:05 1.2 State mission
00:02:52 2 Military support to civilian authorities (MSCA)
00:03:52 2.1 Examples of MSCA missions conducted in state active duty status
00:05:04 2.2 Examples of MSCA provided in a Title 32 status
00:05:34 2.2.1 Hurricane Katrina
00:06:53 2.2.2 Operation Jump Start
00:07:49 3 State military facilities
00:08:20 3.1 Chaffee Maneuver Training Center
00:09:06 3.2 Robinson Maneuver Training Center
00:09:48 3.2.1 National Guard Professional Education Center
00:11:03 3.2.2 National Guard Marksmanship Training Center
00:12:44 3.2.3 233rd Regional Training Institute
00:14:22 4 Manpower
00:15:01 5 State Military Department
00:15:38 6 Youth programs
00:15:53 6.1 Youth Challenge
00:16:32 6.2 Civilian Student Training Program
00:17:33 7 Economic impact
00:18:11 8 History
00:22:31 9 List of Adjutants General of Arkansas (1819–present)
00:22:43 10 Bibliography
00:22:53 10.1 Arkansas Historical Quarterly Articles relating to the Arkansas National Guard
00:28:17 10.2 Books relating to the Arkansas National Guard
00:36:24 10.3 Collections at the Arkansas Historical Commission
00:37:31 10.4 Collections at the University of Arkansas, Mullins Library, Special Collections Department
00:41:47 10.5 Publications of the Arkansas National Guard Historical Foundation

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The Arkansas National Guard comprises both the Arkansas Army National Guard and Arkansas Air National Guard. The state functions of the National Guard range from limited actions during non-emergency situations to full scale law enforcement of martial law when local law enforcement officials can no longer maintain civil control.
The National Guard may be called into federal service by the President.



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