【Oliver and Fukase】Dewdrops 【Original】

This instrumental is actually not anything too special but I had a lot of fun making this! While this isn’t my first instrumental, it’s my first time using Vocaloid! Oliver and Fukase are my favourites and so I just had to use them. Also, Fukase has lyrics but I only typed out the ones at the end.

Also, the character in the picture isn’t Vocaloid Oliver, but his name is Oliver, Oliver Grey. He has a whole storyline and basically he’s a self insert into my little OC universe so 🙂

I can feel; my soul is shaking
From the bitter core my heart’s breaking
Lost in the dark
Blackened hearts
We’ll find a way out
So come and take my hand and
Soon we’ll go and leave as planned

Soon you will see what the fuck he did to me
Scars and bruises
How come I’m always the one who loses?

These bloodied dewdrops will flood our minds with loss

So stay, dare not stray
In the end we’ll find a way
I will not desert you
And I will not ever hurt you

You are mine, I am yours
Or so I thought so.

These fucked up feelings…
And I know it’s not healing

I can’t fucking stand you
But I refuse to destroy you
Why did you hurt me so badly?
What the fuck did I do?
I can’t take this anymore…

(I know that your heart is broken but these words will remain unspoken…)

VSQX, Lyrics and Instrumental: olivroom/Olivroom-P

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